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Kirjoittaja Aihe: kinky psychology lecture, filmclips, demo and debate (Helsinki)  (Luettu 7124 kertaa)


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by -FreefuN
Moderne psychology and Kink:
A lecture on "Violence versus Rough, wonderfull BDSM sex flashing erotic dominance"
Would that topic interest anyone in the local Kink communities in Helsinki? worth spending an evening with me lecturing, debating, showing films, involving you?

11 of january 2018 Helsinki area.

My hope is to meet as many community BDSM/KINK ppl from Helsinki as possible creating a debate about violence versus kink from the viewpoint of moderne academic psychology. I intend to bring up new thought provoking concepts and stay away from the mainstream moralism.
Date, Title and place is still a little uncertain. Helsinki maybe Turku too...
Im an old hand in the perv community in Oslo, also Im quite entertaining and academic at the same time. My question is:
Would anyone be interested in this ?
3 hours with small films, demos, academic psychology, debate, Q&A about Kink versus Violence. In Norway this was quite succesfull.
Venue: Not known. More info later.
Im a perv-friendly psychologist with a background in academia from Denmark living in Norway, yes I have tought on universities too also Im quite entertaining. No I will not throw articles after you. Ill do this incognito Id like to keep my job.
perv or vanilla open minded willing to debate new ideas and have fun.


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This sounds absolutely fabulous  :love:. You can count me in  :)


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I am interested, while my academic background is nowhere near psychology.


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I know this guy and can highly recommend. :)


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As I wrote on FL, highly interested if the venue is in Helsinki, not Turku.


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Venue found probably afternoon event.  :D
11-01 2018 


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Where do we get to meet and hear? Details, please!


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I do apologize I have logistic problems so the lecture is video taped I will not have the time to stay in Helsinki

M sorry to inform you that I have to cancel the lecture 11-01 2018 about Kink psychology due to logistic problems, however I hat eto let you dowen, so I have video recorded the lecture instead. You can see the video on fetlife or downnload it from the net, relevant link is here, or just see the video on fetlife by giong to my profile.

I do apologize for this.
link here if you dont want to use fetlife video, its possible to download the video files and powerpoint from that link:


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I downloaded the video. However, the second part video doesn't work. It just pauses around 22 mins or so. The problem is with both versions.