Kirjoittaja Aihe: Female dominant in the capital region looking for a household servant  (Luettu 11771 kertaa)


I am a female Dominant in the capital region looking for a submissive male for household services; hoovering, dusting, cleaning, polishing shoes, washing my underwear by hand etc. Depending on your abilities and wishes, foot worship, painting my nails, trampling or giving massages may be included, perhaps something else too. I feel it fair to mention that my tastes are varied and if the chemistry and wishes align, who knows. However, currently only looking for a household servant and a devotee. I tend to be selective in my companions and rather cool by nature, developing relationships slowly and this goes for BDSM relationships as well. Safety is very important to me; as I am responsible for my sub and myself I will not engage in blood sports, needles, cutting, scarring, burning or the like.

I am attractive, slim, 175 cm and vampiric by nature. Old enough to know my mind, what I want and to be confident in being a Dominant, yet still able and willing to learn and try new things. I find that as a visual person, aesthetics are important to me. In sessions you may expect that I am always beautifully dressed, although not necessarily in latex. I enjoy a sense of entitlement and luxurious things; handmade chocolates, roses, silk, having my nails done, leather gloves and a man as a table to put my teacup on. I wear perfumes so if you are sensitive or allergic to scents this is not for you. The position is also unsuitable for those allergic to horses and canines.

In a submissive for this particular position I am looking for a male aged 25-40, lean and fit body type, excellent personal hygiene, modest and stylish clothing, preferably academic background, financial independence, intelligent, and of course naturally, willing and eager to please the Madam. Your lifestyle is healthy mind in a healthy body -no drugs, smoking, STDs, excess drinking, etc. You strive to be the best and most beautiful version of yourself inside and out, because it pleases me. You will open doors for me, serve me tea and if I feel like it, sit at my feet and strive to give me pleasure. I do not enjoy brats but I have no problem punishing disrespectful behavior and correcting you until you perform a task to perfection.

Posting this in English as I would like to reach all good matches, but replies in English or Finnish are fine.

I will add that I am not looking for a companion or relationship, but rather someone who would like to do a session here, another there. You can have a relationship or safe intercourse on the side, unless it is your hope that these would be denied from you. When we are in a session, you belong to me -outside of it, you are free to live your life as you wish. Needless to say I will not tolerate any drama or jealousy.

I do not require previous experience from a submissive and this may be a good place to learn. I enjoy also shy men so do not let that hold you back. Honesty, good attitude and willingness to learn goes a long way. If you feel like the post could suit you, send me a well thought application via private message and tell me what you could offer and what your wishes would be.

I will mention that I will only fill this position if an excellent match is found -I will not waste my own or your time to something that does not work. I would ask the same from anyone considering this; read my criteria and terms carefully and see if they apply to you before you contact me. I am not interested of chatting, so only approach me if you are seriously committed and match what I am looking for.


To everyone sending me messages; if you sent me only a few words, do not expect an answer. If you mean to catch my attention or have any chance at this, apply yourself. I hate lazy men.


Thanks to all the gentlemen who have applied. I currently do not accept any more applications, for there are several to go through properly. An exception can be made for a very fit gymrat/climber/dancer/runner with impeccable manners and stellar intelligence.

To everyone I have not replied; there was a reason for this, kindly do not message me further. I would suggest you take a critical look at how you present yourself, and put in some actual effort when you approach a Domme -or for that matter, anyone, online. While I can not speak for others, I personally have zero interest in poor pick up lines or copy pasted messages.