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Munches in Helsinki/Uusimaa
« : 24.09.2022, 10:35 »
Hello kinksters,

I'm new to the BDSM scene in Finland, and I'm interested in meeting people with same mindset and going to parties.
So I'm wondering whether their are regular munches where I can meet other kinksters to chat and get to know more about BDSM, events and make new friends :)

N.B. I live in east Helsinki.

Thank you 😊
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Vs: Munches in Helsinki/Uusimaa
« Vastaus #1 : 26.09.2022, 21:30 »
Hi, about parties you can see the top thread of the English section of the BDSM bar. Munches are so frequent that they are not listed, but here you can see those in Finnish Fetlife has generally more information in English. Kinky Finland munches tend to be popular and the next one is in 15 October.


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Vs: Munches in Helsinki/Uusimaa
« Vastaus #2 : 27.09.2022, 09:32 »
Besides kinky Finland munch, there is also the Tikkurila meeting every other Tuesday (officially), but there's people every Tuesday. When weather is nice and comfortable the meeting happens in a park next to Heureka, now that the weather is what it is, it's in a bar nearby the train station, Hemingways.