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munch for 13.10.2012
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Hi, everyone, I have the great pleasure -never more well used the phrase- to re-post (or forward, as you wishs) the information about a first munch to take place in Helsinki the 10th of October. Please notice that this is a copy/paste from the topic posted in the FetLife's, Kinky Finland.

Another thing important KARL_VON_SPIEGEL, it's me, (here I used the short version KVS). So, no more distractions, here is the information:

"Hey Group!

octavia_kvs, Karl_Von_Spiegel and myself have been making a common effort and hope that you would like to join us for for a relaxed group meet up with drinks and / or food on Saturday the 13/10 at 19.00.

The place is Ravintola Bruuveri ( in Helsinki center.
That is a quiet place on the one level down from ground floor of Kamppi shopping center, entrance from the Fredrikinkatu side.

Note that we are just meeting there as a group of friends without any private room of any sort.
Please keep that in mind and and dress appropriately to keep everyone comfortable. (that probably means leaving your most fabulous fetish garb at home for this evening ;) )

If you have worries about how we will recognize each other there, here is the answer: To make this as easy as possible, me and KVS have decided on what to wear.
Myself in a white shirt with black suspenders and KVS will wear a red scarf.

So if you spot a Swedish guy and a Chilean guy together wearing those things, you can be pretty damn sure you hit the right table.

We really hope to see you there!

/ ItsMrtoyou, octavia_kvs & Karl_Von_Spiegel"

Hope to see you there!!!

Best regards,


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