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French Maid and BDSM
« : 01.07.2023, 14:13 »
Hello, first I tought should this be a date advertisement, but somehow it feels better here in the forum area.

Why do I write this message? I'm a happy men with a happy vanilla marriage, maybe some of you know this situation. But there is this submissive feeling, that i can't place in my marriage, as my wife is not that interested as i'm. We have talked about, fantasized about it, but there it stops.

But then there is that little spark in my body that wants to turn these fantasies further in to reality. Finding out why do i get aroused when wearing French Maid uniform and a Dominant person tell's me what to do. Why does it arouses me when doing it wrong being punished?

Where to find even deeper experiences in BDSM, that you often see on pictures or videos...where is the rabbit hole >:D

Please feel open to discuss about your toughts, also in Finnish :)