Kirjoittaja Aihe: Bizarre club Fetish Ball in Jyväskylä 13 October  (Luettu 9973 kertaa)


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Bizarre club Fetish Ball in Jyväskylä 13 October

Location: Kivistön tanssitalo (Vaajakoskentie 29, Jyväskylä)

Fetish dress code (pvc, latex, uniforms, nudeness etc.)

10€ for the members of Finnish kinky-societies 15€ for avec

You have to be member of a Finnish kinky-society or avec of one in order to get in. Only one non-member avec is allowed for one person. You can pick up the membership card at entry, if you are a new member. If your clothes are not kinky enough, the organizers shall give you assistance about how to look kinkier and never a co-operative person has been left out from these parties.

Kinky-equipment, possibility for shopping, make up (specially for tv-girls) etc. You can bring your own drinks.

Further information and instructions: