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Waxplay workshop for beginners
« : 10.07.2024, 13:07 »
Waxplay - beginners course
with @riina_accessories (IG). 💛
Saturday 24.08.2024. at Studio In Pasila.

«Waxplay is the most beautiful practice that attracts maximum attention at any 18+ event.
Candles are always unexpected and interesting.
This is about the awakening of the body, about care, about love. And about pain and power exchange, if you want so».

During the Workshop you will know about:
• Which candles are suitable for waxplay and why candles from Tokmanni are a bad option.
• How to prepare for the practice so that it is enjoyable and safe for you, your partner, the heirloom rug and the designer sofa.
• Safety precautions for working with candles.
• Attunement, different types of sessions and aftercare.

What are they made of, why can’t you use store bought ones?
What are the different temperatures?
Shimmer, Neon, curly, scented and not. Dry and greasy.
Selection, storage, disposal.
Before practice.
Preparing the space for play (Covering materials, music, light, and smell in the space).
Model preparation.
Safety precautions.
Application techniques and schemes for different requests.

Course is held in English!
The course includes theoretical and practical parts.
All necessary materials are provided.

The practical part is designed for pair work. You can bring your partner, team up with someone in a group, or practice on your own body.
There is a shower in the studio that you can use, but please bring your own towel.
The course will take place in a cozy studio 5 minutes walk from Pasila station. Please do not be late.

Course cost 100 euros for solo participant
170 euros for a couple (Top+bottom, couple gets one set of tools).
The participation deposit of 30 euros is non-refundable.
The number of places is limited to give maximum attention to each student.
For registration text to @riina_glorious