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Fetish club in Turku
« : 18.03.2013, 20:12 »
Saturday, March 23, 2013 · 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM 

Location: Erotic Club Show Time

Käsityöläiskatu 10, Turku 

Cost:   12€/8€ in fetish outfit, members of kinky communities & SETA

Dress code:   no dress code
Description:   The next event in our party calendar for the year 2013 will be Fetish Club by Turun Baletti.

This Fetish Club will have no particular theme, which means we want to offer our guests a chance to dress up and express themselves any which way they choose to. There will be eye candy and action for all you fetishists and BDSM-lovers alike.

There will be no dress code for this Fetish Club, so you can turn up in the clothes of your choosing, even if that means t-shirts and jeans. However, a large part of the party goers will be dressed up for the occasion, in i.e. leather, PVC or latex, corsets and high heels. Striking clothing is one element that lifts the atmosphere in any kinky club and this party offers a safe and appreciative setting for showing off your exceptional style.

It’s included in the party etiquette that outside of the event you do not talk about anything you’ve seen and you should respect the privacy of the attendants.

Dungeon furniture and equipment will be accessible for everyone, and there will be a brief demonstration on how to use these safely.

If you have any questions or would just like to talk to someone about this kinky life, you can always contact our skilled staff, who will be present all evening. The staff will also be monitoring participants’ right to bodily integrity, and if you ask them, they might even join in play. You will find further information about the party, etiquette and a phone number for inquiries on our website [].

Welcome to delve deeper into the world of fetishes, BDSM and Turun Baletti!

In connection with the main event, we have once again arranged an educational gathering for new partygoers and those recently interested in BDSM:

Are you interested in what happens at parties? What are you allowed to do and what not? Do you HAVE to do something in specific? How do you party and practice BDSM safely? What are the overall safety aspects to consider in BDSM? This is your opportunity to hear and discuss these topics and ask questions.

The gathering will take place before the fetish club at 7 p.m. in the same location. You do not have to stay to the fetish club to take part.

The info will cover:
Universal rules of BDSM
Safety issues
Party etiquette

Please notify your attendance by email to on March 17th at the latest. This gathering is free of charge and open to everyone.

Please be there on time, you will find us very near the entrance so you won’t get lost once you find your way into the club.