Kirjoittaja Aihe: Dom Northern Ostrobothnia/Lapland/Karelia looks for playmate(s)  (Luettu 7858 kertaa)


36 year old dom looking for a female sub (brats are welcome too >:D)
I have about 5 years of experience in bdsm.
I have experience with restraints, but mostly use leather restraints and chains not ropes. Shibari and rope play are the things I want to learn.
I have done something with ropes, but I would say my experience is limited.
Besides the above, the list of toys I use is as follows:
different gags
nose hooks
nipple clamps
anal hooks and plugs
wand and vibrators (including the remote controlled ones)
and probably some I forgot to list.
I'm into spanking (I love seeing some traces of our play), tying up my subs in different positions (slave training too), outdoor play, edging, anal play,
wax play. After the play, of course after care and hugs are provided. I'm interested in longer relationship so we can have regular sessions and learn each other.
Everything of course adjusted to the needs and depending on what works well between us. It would be great if we have some other interests besides the kinky lifestyle. I like nature, traveling and spending time outdoors with hiking or skiing, but not limited to these activities
If it sounds interesting, I'm happy to answer any questions and show examples from the plays.