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Thoughts about new life.
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This text is published earlier on Fetlife by SMFR. 

Thoughts about new life.

Many of us probably felt disappointments in August when we had to announce that Back to basics party will be cancelled. It is only for 10 days ago as we finally celebrated it in Helsinki three weeks later.

COVID-19 pandemic has teached how dependent on we are each other and how quickly all can change in a moment.

Since the day when the world closed due to coronavirus we all have been waiting the moment to be who we are: an individual with all the characteristic features of a human being. It is all about being creative and able to express ourself, isn't it?

The weekend before last obviously showed us how idling has last too long. Communication with each other really does our lives valuable and worth to live, doesn't it? We need to be feel funny. We need to tell some sarcastic jokes in a familiar group. We need to live, love and laugh.

Pandemic is not over yet, but a one thing is sure: the world can see how the sun rises every morning as always and a one morning at a time the shadow given by the sun will be landed upon a different world we yesterday had.

After the Back to basics weekend we've been planning Halloween party at full speed. And every day when I wake up in the morning, I know that the shadow of the sun will appear toward Halloween party kind of different way in a different world than yesterday.


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This text is published earlier on Fetlife by SMFR.

Feelings of the past weekend

The past weekend was such an interesting including even two munch. First one was held in Turku at Tossumiitti on Friday and the other was held in Helsinki at Kinky Finland's munch on Saturday.

I didn't have any experiences of bigger munches before this weekend so I didn't know what to expect for bigger munch as well. I was worried without no reason: to my delight both munch offered delightful open-minded environment to attend into social interaction.

Tossumiitti is a munch that will be held once in a month. It is an open conversation event for everyone who is interested about BDSM. Turun Baletti has a Tossu-godparent for a situation when participating as a beginner may be frightening. To break the ice with Tossu-godparent is a good option in a situation when participating as a beginner may be frightening.

Kinky Finland's munch is as well a munch that will be held once in a month but KF's munch is not organized by an association. It is also an open conversation event to meet friends and new people.

Both munch has a unique place to organize meetings: Turku has an old school which is modified into a restaurant and KF has a basement bar that offers a toasts as well.

Atmosphere was awesome in both places: kind of very warm and easy to approach. I didn't met not only friends but also I got new friends! The past week had been quite a heavy and these munches definitely empowered me.

Based on the things I've learnt through the kinky path of mine, I believe that the clause I have heard sometimes "Kinky circles can form into an another family" can be true without doubt. In among kinky people I've sensed freedom as well as innocent passion in the air by seeing how people are natural in natural environment.

By these munches decades will change structures step by step forming new understanding, which will open all of us something that we don't know yet what it could be.