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Andy Buru is facilitating this play party near Orivesi 27.-29.5.2022 with a twist. Welcome to dive into a deeper experience through conscious preparation:

The sacred only asks your devotion for the unknown. Step out of your small self to enter into the gentle bliss of communion. The perverted tempts your vulnerability and, maybe if you dare, all your desires will be fulfilled. The playground is our temple that holds them both, the sacred and the perverted. The temple we create together is already inviting you on this journey. There are no skills to learn, only a universe to discover. Gently it holds your hand to balance between safety and bravery, between your needs and the direction of the group, and between looking for intensity and finding sensitivity.

We look to weave in the blooming spring nature around us and to root our play into the ground holding us. We become participators of the land that we are on while inviting the larger whole within us at all times.
During three days of retreat we will;
- build our temple together in the physical world as well as in us and amidst us
- prepare our bodies and minds with sauna and voluntary fasting
- practice transitioning into a temple state of mind
- get to know each other and our desires
- play and connect
- feel trust, safety and bravery
- immerse into the Temple
- debrief and land together
- have fun

Our temple playground offers a multitude of safe, sane and consensual perversions in a sacred container, that welcomes you to participate by witnessing, co-creating and playing. The sacred offers you to slow down, listen and feel more and the land supports you on your journey.

This event invites BDSM
but is no more kinky than you.
This event invites Tantra
but is no more spiritual than you.
This event invites Sexuality
but is no more horny than you.

Osho once said the lowest form of love is in the flesh. The middle is in the heart, and the highest form of love is in the devotion to the greater divine. And we hope to give you a taste of this, whatever it might mean for you.
We will be staying in a magical place near Orivesi, 50min drive from Tampere. Accomodation will be in 2, 3 or 4 people rooms and will include 3 vegetarian meals per day. We will also be able to enjoy the sauna and lake.
The price is 330€ (incl. VAT 24%). Food and accomodation are included in the price.
Sign up emailing Kali:
Looking forward to sharing this magic with you.