Kirjoittaja Aihe: Seeking BDSM Toy makers for a new net store!  (Luettu 11808 kertaa)


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Dear Kinky Friends!

I am going to launch a net store that will sell self made BDSM equipment, made by pervs to other pervs. Many of us have prepared for ourselves or to our friends quality toys which have much higher functionality and usability than the cheap chinese factory toys. This net strore will give the producers a new channel to a large and quality conscious clientele. The net sotre will start from Finnish market, but the plan is to expand to other Nordic countries, Baltic countries, Germany and other Europe.

I am now seeking producers who already have tested products and willingness to share ones know how with others, for a reasonable compensation. Production numbers need not to be massive, more important is high quality, personality and functionality. The price level is targeted to a level that will leave a reasonable margin for their work. Possible products in the net store include, but are not limited to floggers, whips and other disciplinary equipment, bondage equipment, ropes, cages and dungeon equipment, but also stylish clothing and accessories. Dominaattori, the Finnish producer of Samurai of Savio (nice and nasty paddle) and other quality BDSM equipment, has agreed to bring his products to the net store. If you or any of your friends would like to see your products in the net store, please, do not hesitate to contact me at and I will tell more about the possibility.

In a latter stage the net store will include also a flea market, where second hand self made, tuned or vintage equipment and clothing will be sold.

Please, forward the information to your friends! And my regrets about possible multible posts...

With kinky regards,
Motorman (FL)/Motoristimies65 (Baari)