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Erotic hypnosis workshop 23 February
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February 23 Erotic hypnosis workshop

Teacher: Tuli, demobottom Pupu
Price: 30€/45€ (members/non-members) advance tickets until January 27 / 45€/60€ after. (Ask for a possibility for a discount from the teacher)
Students: Use code STUDENT2019 for 10€ discount, code is limited to this event and to one item/purchase - be ready to prove your student status if requested
Venue: Club X (Sahaajankatu 35A, 2. krs, Helsinki)

In this workshop, you will learn how to hypnotize a person and how to go into a trance. You will also learn how to use hypnotic trance states for erotic play. We will also talk about social play between people, how to help a person get comfortable and excited about getting hypnotized, and safety and negotiation.

Participant requirements

*No prior knowledge needed
*Exercises are done in pairs. You can either come together with a pair or find a partner at the workshop
*Club X hosts Torture Chamber party the same evening. There’s also a possibility to buy a combination ticket to the workshop and the party for a discounted price of 10€.
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Vs: Erotic hypnosis workshop 23 February
« Vastaus #1 : 15.01.2019, 09:30 »
Saatavilla vain Lontoon kielellä.?


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Vs: Erotic hypnosis workshop 23 February
« Vastaus #2 : 15.01.2019, 11:35 »
Saatavilla vain Lontoon kielellä.?

Jos paikalla on joku, joka ei puhu suomea, vedän työpajan englanniksi. Yleensä on ollut.


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Vs: Erotic hypnosis workshop 23 February
« Vastaus #3 : 27.01.2019, 20:55 »
Vielä hetki aikaa ostaa halvemmat ennakkoliput!


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Vs: Erotic hypnosis workshop 23 February
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Erotic workshop schedule

12.30 Doors open
13.15 Workshop starts

Demonstration & Getting to know each other (30 min)
guided imagination
What is hypnosis (20-30 minutes)
Rapport and negotiation (20-30 minutes)
- Looking eye to eye
Inductions (60-90 minutes)
- Hair pulling demonstration
- Elman induction
- practice
Break (20-30 min)
Being a subject (20-30 min)
Safety and aftercare (20 min)
Erotic hypnosis demonstrations and audience requests (1hr - 1hr 30 min)
- dollification, memory play, sensory changes, hypnosis as service
Free practice time (as available)