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Hello, world
« : 05.06.2020, 16:33 »
I moved to Helsinki from Scotland a couple of years ago.  Things I enjoy include English, Google Translate, and Freeeedom!

Nice to see there is a thriving local community.



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Vs: Hello, world
« Vastaus #1 : 05.06.2020, 18:09 »
Hey Steve,

What are you looking for/interested in?


Vs: Hello, world
« Vastaus #2 : 05.06.2020, 18:34 »
Interesting conversation and interaction would be a good way to start!

My tastes range from the tame (objectification, humiliation) to the more severe (needles, confinement).  Tears are always attractive though!

I've been "hurting people" for 20+ years, writing an explicit list seems a little clinical though as so much depends upon compatability, context, and shared interests.  People are .. people, and so wonderfully different.   I love people.

[Perhaps I gave the wrong impression; I was thinking "newbie" as in new to here, rather than new to BDSM!]