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Hi all,

I’m new around here. 😎 I’m a fit and youthful 41-year-old male originally from the UK, but now living in Tampere. I was (or at least I thought I was) pretty vanilla until very recently, when I happened to meet a special woman who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of BDSM. It has changed my whole way of thinking! ☺️

I am open-minded when it comes to roles, but I certainly lean very heavily towards the Dom side of the spectrum. I have done a lot of online research on D/s dynamics and play, but I would love to make friends and learn from real people (both Doms and subs) who are more experienced. I want to become the best Dom I can be, and I know this will take me a lot of time and patience. Still, I’d be very grateful for all the help I can get! I understand Finnish pretty well (speaking is another matter! 😅), so please don’t be afraid to communicate in Finnish if you find it easier.

Like I mentioned, I am very new to this, so if there’s any information I left out, please ask!


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Welcome to forum  :D


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Hi and welcome to this weird but fun journey.  :love:
I must say, I really appreciate your attitude; you seem both humble and confident.  :) I hope you have lovely time and make many new kinky friends.


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Tis jolly splendid to have you here, dear chap.



I normally don't do this, but you seem like a polite young man and someone who genuine wants to become better, so. Feel free to write to a fellow Dom, if you are still looking for people to discuss these topics with. I am rarely in Tampere, especially these days with the pandemic making everything so unpredictable, but who knows.