Kirjoittaja Aihe: 31 May – the 3rd Kinky-LARP by Häkki “Pervoparantola”  (Luettu 19747 kertaa)


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In Saturday 31 May 7 pm Häkki again organizes kinky-party as LARP (live action role play). At this time we are palying “Pervoparantola”, kinky mental asylum in alternative steam-punk world.

The LARP takes place in Wildclub, which is probably the largest BDSM-studio in Nordic countries. For further information and in order to get invitation send message to The deathline for that is 23 May. You shall get information how to pay and some questions so that we can create a character, which reflects your kinky-orientation. The LARP is basically in Finnish, but most of the participants are fluent in English and we can provide necessary material also in English.

The price is 30 Euros for the members of Häkki and 50 Euros for the others. The party ends by 3 AM.