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Bondagerope for sale
« : 12.07.2014, 20:21 »
Before I came to Finland I sold bondagerope at parties.
Now I still have a lot of rope left. (see pictures).
To have an indications of the meters. The picture with 170m on it is from the white rope on the separate picture.
I would like to sell it all at once.
If you are interested, please let me know and also your priceoffer.
It is to much, to heavy to send it by post, so you will have to pick it up in Kouvola.


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Vs: Bondagerope for sale
« Vastaus #1 : 12.07.2014, 20:33 »
What kind of material are they?
If natural fibers: are they untreated/processed?
How thick are the others in the pic?
How much do you have those left?



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Vs: Bondagerope for sale
« Vastaus #2 : 13.07.2014, 20:37 »
There is cotton 10mm, white, yellow, purple, red
And the others are 8 mm, white, red, black, yellow, blue, green.
I have left everything you can see on the pictures (it is really a lot).