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Very new but eager to learn!
« : 31.01.2015, 15:15 »

My husband and I have had this site recommended to us so here I am!

I'm very new so trying to find my way around but...I wondered if there's a suitable place here where I can offer my photography services to fellow users? I'm happy to offer sessions for free initially as I want to build up my portfolio. I'm based in Oulu and am a location photographer, I don't have my own studio but I do have my own lights and equipments so photos can be taken at a clients home or wherever they feel comfortable. (e.g. hotel etc.)

I have my own photography business and have had some experience of boudoir/erotic photography but want to do more of this. Unfortunately it's not the sort of thing I can just advertise on Facebook ;) I also have examples of my work that I can share on request.

Any help at all would be awesome!!!

Thank you!!


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Vs: Very new but eager to learn!
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Welcome to the forum!


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Vs: Very new but eager to learn!
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Thanks! :D