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1.7 Nuorten miitti Helsinki. U30
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Täällä vielä muistutus, että järjestämme kinkymiittin joka on tarkoitettu nuorille.
Tervetuloa siis sinä 18 —n. 30 v. Nuori kinky mukaan tutustumaan muihin uusiin aloittelevion kinkymielisiin ihmisiin rennossa ilmapiirissä.

Lisätiedot tapahtumasta on englanniksi.
Munch is being held in Thirsty Scholar ( in Kaisaniemi, Helsinki
Address: Fabianinkatu 37, 00170 Helsinki. 1.7 from 18.00 onwards
It’s in the mid-city center near public transports.

Munch is ment for people 18 years till around 30 years old welcome, who share similar interest in art as well with fun.
We do not have private area reserved at the bar, so dress accordingly, you can wear all the leather you want or shiny stuff, just remember to wear something.
Also, the bar prefers no playing.

Once you enter the bar, we are either inside or outside of the bar, but you will find us from tables with reserved signs, or try to look for a group of people and ask if this is the right table, we will tell you that it is the right table for likeminded people.

Bar would also highly appreciate if we bring our glasses when we go ask for a refill, since we sometimes tend to block the paths with the amount of people flipping places / chairs / tables.

The bar closes at 02.00. Last call is at 01.00. We are starting at 18.00 in order to have enough time for people to actually enjoy the evening and to make sure that pretty much everyone who wants to come, can come.


1.I peaked indoors and saw nobody there, where is everyone?
Maybe you just didn’t see us, in we are probably hanging outside in the courtyard most likely. you will probably recognize us from the large cluster of tables we're in.

2.What kinda people come to these events?
All kinds, we welcome you all that are from +18 years to around 30 years old, male, female and genders you would put under "other". Scene veterans and lots of newer faces as well.

3.I have my favourite snack, can I bring em?
No, unfortunately. You can get small snack from the bar though.

4.Can I take pictures or video at the munch?
Please don't. While taking a selfie isn't a crime, please take into consideration other peoples want/need for privacy.

5.What name should I used when introducing myself?
It's up to you. You can call yourself whatever you desire.

6.What should I wear?
Clothes, just don’t come naked, that is not allowed.

7.What language is spoken at the event?
Both Finnish and English. While most Finns are able to speak English, some are shy and tend to switch to Finnish quite easily when talking with friends. There are however bunch of "English only" persons at the event as well and usually there's a table or two where English is the only language spoken.

    What time should I arrive?
    Up to you. Some prefer the earlier hours when it's quieter and it's easier to hear and talk with people, while some come later on when it's again somewhat quieted down (unless vanilla people swarm the bar). Usually the peak hours are from 19 to 21 and it gets noisy at that point.